YS Bharathi Talks About Parenting And How She Spends Quality Time With Her Daughters

8 May, 2022 16:29 IST|Sakshi Post
Mrs YS Bharathi

Mrs. YS Bharati, Chairperson of Sakshi Media Group and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s wife spoke to fashion designer and entrepreneur  Shilpa Reddy in a special interview about sustainable living and best practices to keep your home environmentally friendly. Incidentally, the interview was released on the eve of Mother's Day and in the course of the interview, she also shared her thoughts on parenting and how making small routines with family members can help in spending quality time with them.

While talking about the planting of trees, YS Bharathi explained how her father-in-law late Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy used to grow trees on their agricultural land. When people would tell him to grow crops instead which were financially viable, Dr. YSR  is said to have told them that this was an investment he was making for future generations. This statement stayed with her and inspired her to grow trees. YS Bharathi said that the way we think stays with our children. She also explained that her parents would make the grandchildren plant saplings and name the trees after them. And in a fun way, they would refer to the fruits as the harvest of the grandchild who planted the tree. 

File pic of YS Bharathi with daughters Harshini and Varsha | Image Source: US Consulate General Hyderabad Twitter A/c ( 2019)

YS Bharathi spoke about her ritual and the way she spent time with her two daughters Harshini and Varsha, like going out with them shopping or cooking their favorite meal. "I would make their breakfast before they went to school and they would sit with me which is when I chatted with them. Even though the school provided lunch I would make lunch for them because I wanted them to know that they were special to me," she revealed.

She also revealed another aspect that her elder daughter and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy loved deserts. " Every Saturday we would have a 'Desert day ‘ where I would make a cheesecake or an apple pie. This was a regular habit which we shared as a family," YS Bharathi said.

When asked about parenting challenges and how can one balance raising children and managing careers. YS Bharathi said that one needs to snatch or make that time out for their children. There is no second way. One has to make it a habit and then it becomes a ritual and this stays for a long time, she said. Talking about her routines, the Sakshi Chairperson said that she would make weekly-once going to the supermarket routine with her daughter. She also said that they would spend at least 10 minutes as a prayer time and read the Bible and discussing it.

Another important aspect she said was that it was very important to be attentive to what they were saying. Children can understand if you are distracted and despite your hectic schedule, one must listen to what their child/children say. "For them, their life and issues are equally important as ours and we need to strike a fine balance to manage both careers and children," she said. If we are impatient and snap at them, we should come back to them and even if we don’t say sorry we should at least let them know that they are important and our priority.

" One should understand that we as parents are also not perfect and we grow along with our children. We should not be too harsh in terms of discipline nor should we be the ‘yes persons’ to agree with everything they say. Ultimately we have to teach them how to face and handle life, as children are our lifelong investment, YS Bharathi stated in the interview.

Y S Bharathi | Ep 2.1 | Planet Green Sustainable Star | Sustainable Living with Shilpa Reddy

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