Meet This Kadapa Lady Who Aspires To Be A Bus Driver

24 Jan, 2021 16:27 IST|Sakshi Post
Y Malashree, YSR Kadapa

A Lady can do everything..She can lead a Nation ... And, she can drive a bus too.

Women in India are slowly entering what was once called a man's domain of driving heavy vehicles. There have been several reports of women driving tractors, trucks, cabs, and buses.

Taking inspiration, a young lady from YSR Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh was seen attending a driving school here.

As per reports, the State Public Transport Department (RTC) officials have been conducting a training program for driving heavy vehicles since Saturday.  Y Malashree, a young woman from Kadapa, attended the training held at the driving school on the premises of Kadapa RTC Depot Manager. Malashree already has a light motor vehicle driving license and now she wanted to seek training in driving heavy vehicles as well.

As part of the training, she drove the bus on Kadapa roads on Saturday much to the delight of the onlookers.

It is interesting to note that Malashree is also keen on applying for the post of a bus driver in the region and hence she is undergoing training.

Speaking to the media, she said that given an opportunity she would definitely  like to work as a driver in the RTC after completing the required training and obtaining a heavy license.Clad in jeans, shirt and scarf, the gutsy lady  said that she was encouraged by her husband to undergo training and looked at ease while driving the heavy vehicle in the streets of Kadapa town.

RTC officials have lauded the young woman who  stepped forward to drive the bus and if all goes well, and she could probably be the first woman bus driver in Kadapa.

Many women in India have shattered the glass ceiling and have come forward to take up bus driving as employment.

Vasantakumari  who drove on the streets of Chennai in Tamil Nadu for more than 25 years is also the first woman driver in Asia.  Pooja Devi, a mother of three has become the first female bus driver in Jammu and Kashmir. In another inspiring story Venkadarath Saritha who moved from Hyderabad, Telangana to Delhi had become the first female driver in Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) in 2015.

Breaking the stereotypes, a mechanical engineer, Pratiksha Das chose to become a bus driver of the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) corporation and is the only woman driver in Mumbai. Prema Ramappa Nadabatti, who works for the BMTC, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation is also the first woman driver in the State of Karnataka.

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