Maoists Kill Another Tribal Suspecting Him To Be Police Informer

24 Dec, 2020 11:02 IST|Sakshi Post

A 27-year-old man was killed by CPI Maoists on Wednesday on suspicion of being police informer. The incident took place at Vangarai village, Pedabayalu mandal in Visakha tribal area.

The deceased was identified as Chikkudu Satish and was a resident of Chintagondi village, Madugula mandal.

According to the reports, he was a milita member and police had put up posters of Satish at many places as well. It is said that a total of 40 Maoists have entered the village and Satish was dragged out of his house on Tuesday night. He was hacked to death.

This is the second such killing in the last ten days to take place. Maoists killed a 35 year old man, Gemmeli Krishna Rao of Vakapalli Village on December 13th night. He was hacked to death at Eguva Vakapalli Church and a letter was left on the dead body on which it was written that, "PLGA team killed him."

Maoists dragged Sathish out of house, 2 km away from Maddigaruvu Junction on the Pedabayalu route and they have beaten up the wife of Sathish when she tried to stop them. Later, he was hacked to death.

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