Kurnool STBC Grounds Roars With Rayalaseema Garjana

5 Dec, 2022 15:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Supporting the idea of three capitals and setting up of the High Court at Kurnool, more than one lakh people took part in the Rayalaseema Garjana organised at the STBC Degree College in Kurnool on Monday. 

The non-political Joint Action Committee (JAC) organised the Rayalaseema Garjana, the fight for the judicial capital at Kurnool. 

Advocates, senior YSRCP leaders and students took to the streets of Kurnool to participate in the meeting. State finance minister Buggana Rajendranath said, “Setting up the High Court at Kurnool is Rayalaseema’s right, and the government is committed to it.”

Supporting the state government’s decentralised development plan, thousands of people, including prominent leaders from the Joint Action Committee (JAC) & YSRCP, advocates, NGOs, and students gathered to take part in the massive rally held at STBC grounds in Prakash Nagar.

Buggana Rajendranath stated, “The YSRCP strongly supports the JAC which is holding a huge meeting not only bring to the notice of Andhra Pradesh but to bring to the notice of the entire country, the history of Rayalaseema, the culture of Rayalaseema, the present situation of Rayalaseema and the future of Rayalaseema.”

He further said, “This, we hope to a large extent, will be helped by having one seat of authority (at the judicial level), which will definitely give back the hope this region was lacking for several years.”

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