Kurnool Boy Akira Nandan Enters Indian Book of Records

19 Aug, 2021 12:44 IST|Sakshi Post

Akira Nandan, a 4-year-old kid from Kurnool is studying LKG. But, this kid can speak 11 slangs of Telugu fluently and is capable of reading God’s verses and Telugu poems without mistakes. Akira spells out English alphabets, English months, national symbols, season names and animal names within seconds of questioning.

Akira  is the son of Chandrika and Prashant Kumar. He developed the ability to memorise and recognise from listening to things around him. His mother used to tell stories and spot pictures to him. Akira used to grasp the general knowledge issues immediately.

The family members identified Akira’s skill in easily recognising things and always motivated him. They tried to develop his aptitude and his mother engaged him in question and answer sessions.

Observing Akira’s IQ, his parents recorded his talent in videos and sent it to the Indian Book of Records. IBR administrators conducted an online test on May 20 and set a record on Akira’s name. The organizers sent the medal and certificate to Akira making his parents’ proud.  

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