Kuppam: TDP Brings In Bogus Voters From Outside the State

14 Nov, 2021 12:26 IST|Sakshi Post

CHITTOOR: Kuppam municipality  in the district which  also happens to be in TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu's own assembly constituency is also one of the places where  the pending Municipal elections are taking place.  Apart from the panchayats elections on Sunday, elections will also be held on Monday for a total of 14 divisions and wards in six other corporations and four municipalities in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Also, polling will continue on Tuesday in 10 ZPTC seats as well as 123 MPTC seats across the state.

Fearing defeat in Kuppam municipal polls and with only one day left for elections, it is alleged that outsiders have been brought in to Kuppam to cast votes. This apart, widespread distribution of money and alcohol was also distributed earlier. The voters who were brought in from outside have been given training on how to go about the whole process of casting votes earlier.

Due to lack of employment and farm work many people from Kuppam have migrated to Bangalore and other places to find work and have settled there. About 35,000 of them have the right to vote in Kuppam and Bangalore and they also have Aadhaar and ration‌ cards at both the places.

Many of them have been brought into Kuppam by the TDP leaders for the municipal elections.

TDP leaders have arranged for transport facilities for another 5,000 people from Bangalore, Kolar and Palamaner to cast bogus votes. Information  has come in that voter ID cards and slips have been specially prepared for them. TDP leaders have trained on what to do when they reach the polling stations on Monday. If they are caught by the Election officials they have been told to say that the YSRCP has sent them and if not they have been told to cast their vote for the bicycle symbol.

TDP leaders are  also allegedly indulging in threatening the local village and ward volunteers. Former ZPTC  member Rajkumar along with his followers went to the house of a female volunteer on Friday night and threatened her. Many of them are worried over their safety as the  TDP leaders have gone to the residences of three other women volunteers on Saturday and threatened them.

The TDP has also found new ways of  distributing money to woo the voters. Instead of going to the homes of voters, the TDP leaders in Kuppam have chosen retail outlets, petty shops, medical shops and tea shops as their party-affiliated centers. TDP candidates put money, names and code numbers on the slips and distribute it in these shops

The TDP leaders have fielded a large number of nominations as rebel candidates for all the wards to confuse the voters. Rebel candidates are usually declared independent and the Police surveillance on them is not done. Using this as an advantage they are canvassing for theTDP candidates and distributing money.

The 3rd ward independent candidate was caught by the police distributing money on behalf of the TDP candidate. Rs 50,500 in cash was seized from him. Further, it has been noticed that the TDP cadre and these independet candidates are distributing Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 per vote along with voter slips. Also ,there is a widespread propaganda that TDP has made all arrangements to give large sums of money or gifts to those who have the highest number of votes in their areas.

A total of 8,62,066 people will cast their vote in the municipal elections and 8,07,637 in the MPTC and ZPTC elections, the Andhra Pradesh State ElectionCommission said in a statement on Saturday. The elections will be by ballot method. The counting of votes for the municipal elections will take place on the 17th.

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