Kona Raghupathi Clarifies On Brahmin Corporation Functioning

27 Sep, 2021 17:04 IST|Sakshi Post
AP Deputy Speaker Kona Raghupathi

Andhra Pradesh Deputy Speaker Kona Raghupathi on Monday clarified on the functioning of the Brahmin Corporation and urged people, not to paid heed to the fake news on social media. He assured that there was no need to worry and that there was no inclusion of Brahmin Corporation in the BC Corporation.

To this extent, he said urged people to not believe in rumors that Brahmins were being added to the BCs. The Brahmin Corporation was formed based on the  BC Corporation. The Brahmin Corporation operates in the same way as the  BC Corporation was formed, he said. He clarified that the management of the schemes is overseen only by BC Corporation‌.

Kona Raghupathi stated that it was not appropriate to make politically motivated criticism against the Brahmin Corporation. “We are implementing all welfare schemes for poor Brahmins through Navratnalu. We offer schemes not available in Navratnalu through Brahmin Corporation. It is a few ignorant people who are spreading false canards on social media about the corporation.

Speaking further the Deputy Speaker said that the process for the formation of new districts continues and would be definitely implemented as per the Chief Minister’s directions. There will be some delay due to the census, however, the districts may be formed within the next general budget, he clarified.

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