SP Fakeerappa Refutes Claims That Police Stopped Bike Leading To Baby's Death

17 Apr, 2022 16:06 IST|Sakshi Post
Anantapur SP Fakkeerappa Press Meet

ANANTAPUR: Superintendent of Police Dr.Fakkeerappa Kaginelli refuted claims that the Anantapur district police had stopped the vehicle of a couple who were carrying their baby to the hospital, which had led to the baby’s death on Friday. Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, he said that the 8-month-old baby was brought from Cherlopalli to RDT Hospital in Kalyandurgam and that there was no delay or obstruction of their vehicle on Friday evening. The CCTV footage clearly showed that they had passed through the barricades placed for the victory rally of newly appointed Women and Child Welfare KV Ushasri Charan in Kalyanadurgam, he stated.

SP Fakkeerappa said there was no truth in the adverse reports defaming the police and holding them responsible for the infant’s death. He said that as per the CCTV footage the infant’s parents started from Cherlopalli village near Kairevu in Settur mandal at 6.10 pm on a bike.

                                                                                CLICK HERE FOR THE CCTV FOOTAGE

They were seen at Brahmaiah Gudi checkpost near the minister’s house at 6.36 pm. They entered the RDT Hospital in Kalyanadurgam at 6.48 pm. They registered the name of the infant in the RDT OP at 6.50 pm. The infant died at 7.18 pm as certified by the doctors there. The parents staged protests on the road at 8.15 pm alleging that their daughter died due to traffic obstruction. The police had also offered to provide an ambulance for them after the baby’s death which they denied. But they went on a dharna at 8.15 pm with the baby’s body, he said.

Fakkeerappa while explaining further said the distance from Cherlopalle to the RDT Hospital is 20 km and it took 38 minutes for them to reach the hospital on a two-wheeler. If they were stopped by police to allow the convoy of the minister, as they claimed how they could reach the hospital in such a short time, he questioned.

SP Fakkeerappa said that it was unfortunate that the child died, but it was not correct to distort facts and make false reports.  The child's parents were innocent and no cases would be registered against them, he assured. He also warned that legal action should not be taken if anyone tried to post false news against the police. The SP urged people not to believe such false propaganda, and that an in-depth inquiry was being conducted into the incident.

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