Jagapathi Babu First Tollywood Celebrity To Endorse Anandaiah COVID Medicine

6 Jun, 2021 11:36 IST|Sakshi Post
Jagapathi Babu Image Source: Jaggu Bhai Instag A/c Inset B Anandaiah

HYDERABAD: After the Andhra Pradesh State government gave the green signal for the usage of the herbal medicine by B. Anandaiah, an ayurvedic practitioner of Krishnapatnam in Nellore district, for treating COVID patients, has brought in much relief for many people who have shown faith in the alternate medicine. Though it agreed for the other medicines to be used, it has kept on hold its decision on the eye drops claimed to be life-saving for those with dangerously low levels of oxygen.

However, the government warned that COVID patients should not stop taking the drugs prescribed by doctors in the normal course. Anandaiah will resume the distribution of the medicine from June 7 through online mode.

Anandaiah's traditional medicine is not only popular among the common people but also few celebrities also have faith in this drug and one such Tollywood celebrity is actor Jagapthi Babu. Recently, Jagapathi Babu stated that he strongly believes that Ayurvedic medicine has no side effects and that he had used Anandaiah's herbal medicine a long time ago and till date was not affected by the Coronavirus.

Speaking to the media recently the actor who is on a successful second stint in his career said that, ''Ayurvedic medicines are made with natural herbs and I strongly believe these medicines do not harm anyone. Nature, Mother Earth never make mistakes. I read a lot of opinions about Anandaiah's herbal medication. I saw a lot of videos also,  after which I came to an opinion about his medicine, ” he said.

"No matter what anyone says, there are no side effects due to this. I used Anandaiah's medicine under the assumption that it will be beneficial for me. Luckily I haven't got  COVID yet and I am very happy,'' Jagapathi Babu stated.

Earlier the actor through his social media had already endorsed Anandaia's medicine through a post where he said, "Looks like mother nature has come to our rescue. Praying that Anandayya garu's therapy is authentically approved and will save the world. God bless him,'' he stated on May 25. Jagapathi Babu's tweet went viral, and netizens also started commenting in support of Anandaiah's medicine.  

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