Idols Of Seeta, Rama And Lakshman To Be Installed At Ramateertham

28 Jan, 2021 16:37 IST|Sakshi Post

Vijayanagaram: New idols of Sita, Rama, and Lakshmana will be erected today at Ramateertham in the district. The establishment, Balalayam, and worship of these new idols will take place at Ramateertham.

For the last three days, morning and evening pujas have been performed at the Ramateertham as part of the Balalayam celebrations of the idols. The statues will be installed in the nursery at 8.58 am today.

The pujas have started with archanas from yesterday morning. Ashtakalasa establishment and Panchagavyam pujas were performed Tirumala Tirupati Temple Vedic University Professor Agnihotram Srinivasacharya led by a group of disciples, temple priests Khandavilli Sairamacharya, Kiran, Panangipalli Prasad, Pawan Kumar, Godavarthi Narasimhacharya and Ramagopalacharya participated in the puja.

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