Heartwarming: 'Namaste Madam' CI Salutes DSP Daughter In Police Duty Meet, Tirupati

4 Jan, 2021 12:40 IST|Sakshi Post

TIRUPATI: In what could be seen as a scene from a scripted Telugu movie, a Circle Inspector saluted his daughter of a DSP cadre during a Police Duty Meet in Tirupati  held on Sunday. ''A truly rare and heart-warming incident'', as quoted by the Andhra Pradesh police, who shared this beautiful moment on its Twitter handle, showed CI  Shyam Sundar saluting his daughter Jessi Prashanti who is a Deputy Superintendent of Police, with  great pride and respect. This incident took place at the IGNITE police meet conducted at Tirupati.    

The proud father saluted the DSP and addressed her as "Namaste Madam", making the lady blush at her father's salute. She is said to have saluted him back, which left the onlookers smiling at the whole episode that was captured on camera.

As per reports, Yendaluru Jessi Prashanti an engineering graduate belongs to the 2018 batch DSPs, after she cracked the Andhra Pradesh Public Commission Group 1. She belongs to the first batch of DSPs that underwent training in Andhra Pradesh after the bifurcation of the State and is currently the Guntur Urban South DSP. Her father Y Shyam Sundar was a Circle Inspector at the Police Training Centre near Tirupati Kalyani Dam. They were present at the Duty Meet in Tirupati, where Shyam Sundar went and greeted his daughter formally.

 Tirupati SP Ramesh Reddy said, "We normally see such a scene in the movies and now we got to really see such a moment. It is a matter of pride for us to see a father and daughter doing public service at the Tirupati Duty Meet. All the best, Prashanti," he said.

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