GVMC Demolishes TDP Leader Palla Srinivas's Building

25 Apr, 2021 13:02 IST|Sakshi Post
TDP Leader Palla Srinivasa Rao

VISAKHAPATNAM: As part of a demolition drive of illegal constructions in the city, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) officials demolished a building belonging to former Gajuwaka TDP MLA Palla Srinivasa Rao on Saturday. The semi-built structure was located at the old Gajuwaka area in Visakhapatnam.

GVMC officials said the building was constructed in violation of municipal regulations, as it had no proper setbacks to the road. GVMC officials said they had also issued notices to the owner and the demolition was conducted under heavy Police security, to prevent any untoward incidents.

This was taken up after an article titled 'Palla Bhudaham' over the illegal activities related to land and buildings by the TDP Visakhapatnam Parliamentary constituency president and former MLA Palla Srinivasa Rao was published in 'Sakshi' a Telugu vernacular paper on Thursday.

Gajuwaka Revenue officials, on the orders of District Joint Collector Venugopal Reddy, started verification of the assets and decided to conduct a ground‌ survey on Friday.

As per reports, the authorities decided to conduct a survey on the 1 acre 10 cents of government land in Tunglam in Survey No. 30/12, 27 cents of government land in Survey No. 30/13 and 68 cents of government land in Survey No. 30/15.

Revenue officials identified that land measuring 1 acre 34 cents Survey No. 34/2, 13 cents in Survey No. 34/4 and 24 cents in Survey No. 34/2 in Tunglam, which was meant for a road way was illegally occupied.

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Relatives of the TDP leader had occupied government land in the heart of Gajuwaka town. Temporary shops were built and rented out on the land which was spread over one thousand square yards under Survey No. 87 in Gajuwaka. The land, which is located at the New Gajuwaka Junction under the House Committee purview is said to be worth around Rs 20 crore. Palla Srinivas's family members allegedly are said to have occupied it seven years ago when the TDP was in power and had the property regularized under Government Order no. 301.

Palla Srinivas is said obtained regulatory deeds in his name and in the name of his brother for 714 Square Yards of House Committee land in Survey No. 5/1. The Tahsildar of Gajuwaka had also refused to grant a Genuinity Certificate on this. It is learned that the authorities had obtained details through the Right to Information Act and that these decrees were obtained without the signatures of the applicants.

It also alleged that Palla Srinivas's 'Benamis' had manipulated records and illegally occupied government land worth Rs 3.5 crore in Duvvada. Revenue officials handed over the land to a person close to Palla Srinivas during the TDP regime.

The same was in the case of 1.35 acres of government land in Kurmannapalem under Survey No. 8/6, which was in litigation in the High Court

The High Court earlier had directed the Revenue authorities to take possession of the land. Later 42 cents of the 1.35 acres of government land was transferred to the name of the person who had filed a case in the court and his name was entered online as the owner under Survey No. 8 / 6B. A sale agreement in the name of a close follower Palla Srinivas was registered that the man was selling it to him. The registration was later halted by local society representatives, however, Palla used his power to forcibly occupy the place.

Tehsildar Lokeshwara Rao, RI Mangaraju and Surveyor M Venkanna on Thursday collected details of encroachments in Survey Nos. 12, 14, 28 and 32, 36 in Jaggarajupeta Revenue area. They also inspected the area where L&T was carrying out contract work under Survey No. 12.

 "We will bring out the records related to survey numbers 12, 14, 28. If there is any evidence of encroachment, we will take departmental action," said Tahsildar Lokeshwara Rao.

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