Fried Frog In Pakodi, Municipal Raids In Mutton Shops Selling Rotten Meat At Madanapalle

6 Jan, 2021 15:00 IST|Sakshi Post

CHITTOOR: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who had an encounter with a frog in a plug socket while looking for a charging point, led to a hilarious post by the actor, but a man in Chittoor was not so amused after he found a dead frog inside an onion pakoda packet he purchased.

As per reports a customer had purchased onion pakodas from a shop at Rajiv Colony in Kuppam town in the distrcit for his evening snack and went home. While eating the snack, to his dismay he picked a green and yellow looking piece, which turned out to be a dead frog fried in  pakodi batter. Shocked, the man went to the snack shop in the morning and showed it to the owner. The owner apologised for the mishap. The man expressed his angst as to what would have happened if his family members ate the frog by mistake.

MADANAPALLE: Municipal Sanitary officials in Madanapalle conducted surprise checks on meat shops in the town on Tuesday and found spoilt and rotten meat there. The officials found that the chicken pakodis and kababs were being made with the rotten meat and sold to customers.

Out of the 47 shops that were inspected, 19 shops were found to be selling rotten meat. The officials seized 19 kilos of chicken and seven kilos of mutton  stored in the freezers during the raids. Cases were filed against the owners and a fine of Rs 7,800 was levied on them. Notices were issued to those running the establishments.

Speaking to the media after the raids, Sanitary Inspector Balakrishna said that after receiving information from people about the sale of snacks made with spoilt meat, the raids were conducted. We will also check hotels, he said and ordered chicken and meat shop owners to follow government rules and take necessary precautions  and maintain hygiene while storing meat, he said.

The official also directed the Ward Secretariat (Sanitary) volunteers to check the  stock in meat shops on a daily basis. Ward secretariat staff Jubair, Raja Reddy Sathish, Ravindra Nayak participated in the raids along with the sanitary officials.    

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