Farmers Dub Pawan Kalyan's Anantapur Yatra A Political Drama

12 Apr, 2022 17:09 IST|Sakshi Post

ANATAPUR: Farmers Associations in the region have called out  Pawan Kalyan’s trip to Anantapur to meet the tenant farmers  a political drama. Why didn’t he speak in support of the farmers’ suicides during the TDP’s rule, they questioned. His tour of Anantapur and Sathya Sai Districts is only for political gain, they alleged. The Jana Sena chief is slated to be launching a’ Bharosa Yatra’ and visiting the families of tenant farmers on Tuesday.

The YSRCP government had already provided financial assistance of Rs 7 lakh and the Government had distributed Rs 11.95 crore to 201 people in the joint Anantapur district earlier. In the past, Chandrababu had paid compensation to only 110 farmer families while  Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government has provided compensation to the families of farmers who committed suicide during the TDP rule.  

Puttaparthi MLA Dudukunta Sridhar Reddy questioned why Pawan Kalyan was coming to meet the farmer Ramakrishna’s family now of Kottacheruvu, when the State Government had already disbursed Rs 7 lakh compensation to the family, he reminded. No other state in the country has provided such a large amount of compensation to the families of farmers who committed suicide, he said.

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