Fact Check AP: TDP's False Claim Of Ibrahimpatnam Youth Fight As Gang War

3 Aug, 2021 14:51 IST|Sakshi Post

VIJAYAWADA: A video shared by the Opposition TDP in their Twitter handle over an alleged gang war between youngsters in Ibrahimpatnam on Sunday proved to be false. They claimed in the tweet that they were uneducated and unemployed youth belonging to the notorious blade batch, and ganja abusers which were completely baseless.

As per reports, the youngsters got into a fight over a petty dispute related to the parking of bikes. The youngsters had gone swimming near the Krishna river in Kilesapuram in the Mandal on Sunday as it was friendship day. They had parked their bikes closely together. The clash between the two groups started when the bikes parked fell on each other as someone had not put the stand properly. The two groups got into a scuffle and led to a full-scale fight and eventually, they attacked each other with sticks, stones while punching each other. Three young men were injured in the attack. One of them was being treated at a hospital. Parents were stated to be embarrassed by the act of these students.

Responding to the incident, CI Sridhar Kumar said that a youth was seriously injured in the clash and is currently being treated at the hospital. He said 10 people have already been arrested and cases will be filed against both groups. So far 10 members have been detained, West Zone ACP Hanumant Rao said. The youth identified as Devishetti Divakar, Karamaddi Sai, Kotla Arun, Mudraboina Nageswara Rao, Tenali Sravankumar, Tasetti Sarath, Chalasani Nagraj, Sheikh Shaheel, and Bommashetti Kumar hail from poor families. The police are in search of the rest of the members at several places around Vijayawada, Chittinagar, and the dairy factory areas.

He clarified that the clash that happened on Sunday at Kilesapuram was not a gang war. The youngsters hailed from Nunna, Prakash Nagar, and Singh Nagar areas around Vijayawada.

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