Even TDP Cadre Is Questioning Lokesh's Abilities

16 Sep, 2020 10:17 IST|Sakshi Post

Is Lokesh Babu proving to be a millstone around the TDP’s neck? Are his abrasive and inexperienced ways leading to disquiet not just among the party leaders, but also the cadres? Are the party cadres moving away from the party because of manner of Lokesh Babu’s behavior?

These are the hottest topics being debated not in the YSRCP or the BJP, but within the Telugu Desam Party itself. Several leaders, who have of late left the party to join the YSRCP have blamed Lokesh’s ways for their resignation. They  are saying that Lokesh has no experience in handling sensitive political issues. Because of this, his decisions are turning out to be failures.

Already several seniors have become mute spectators in the TDP ever since Lokesh stepped in. Seniors are remaining passive spectators even during the meets where key decisions are taken. Many have confided that Lokesh does not have the grasp of the issues but refuses to acknowledge it. As a result,  many of the decisions have proved to be wrong.

These days even the cadre seems to be upset with Lokesh’s ways. They are unhappy with the way in which he is dealing with them. Many are openly saying that Chandrababu has prematurely introduced Lokesh into politics and that he needs proper grooming up. 

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