East Godavari Family Has Not Stepped Out Since Corona Started!

20 Jul, 2021 12:25 IST|Sakshi Post

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has struck the nation, most people have been restricted to their homes. Staying at home, following social distancing are most important during the COVID-19 time. The state governments are taking all the measures to control the spread of coronavirus. The entire country is facing a different situation and people have been used to new normal. Some of the people have lost their lives during the pandemic times. Many people have lost their lives after getting affected by coronavirus. 

A family in Andhra Pradesh has been staying at home for one and half years. Going into the details, a family from a village in Rajole Mandal has been restricted to home since the coronavirus first wave. They haven't even opened their doors. In the family, there are two men and three women. Father and son used to come out of their home for rice and pension. Recently,  Panchayat officials went to their house to get the fingerprints of the family members as they have been allotted land. But, the family members denied to come out. The officials were shocked to see them and immediately informed the police. The family members were very weak and their mental condition was also got disturbed. So, they have been immediately shifted to Rajole government hospital.

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