Drunk TDP Members Clash, Create Ruckus in Tadipatri

27 Mar, 2021 14:37 IST|Sakshi Post

Tadipatri: Telugu Desam Party members, in an inebriated state, created a commotion near the town's power substation on Friday evening. 

Two factions in the TDP attacked each other over past grudges, and five people were seriously injured. Intoxicated, they attacked the power substation. Here goes the details of the incident.

A man named Kotte Vijaykumar hosted a dinner party on Friday afternoon on the occasion of his aunt Saraswati being elected as the Vice-Chairperson for the TDP party.

Former TDP MLA and Municipal Chairman JC Prabhakar Reddy also attended the dinner party. In the evening, Vice-Chairperson Saraswati's nephew Kotte Vijaykumar hosted a dinner for his friends at the Granite Factory at the Hindu Cemetery near the Shiva Temple.

Transco employees Shivanageswarareddy and Srinivas were also present. Later, they went to the power substation and consumed alcohol at the premises.

Along with them, TDP activists Janardhan, Kiran Kumar Reddy, Ramasubbaiah, and Bhaskar Reddy also went to the power substation to have liquor.

Parmesh, another member of the TDP, along with about 25 of his followers, reached the power substation and attacked five members of Kotte Vijaykumar's guests with machetes and stones while they were drinking alcohol.

Furniture and equipment at the power substation were destroyed altogether. Shivanageshwar Reddy and Srinivas, employees of Transco, alleged that the police did not provide assistance even after the injured called them on DAIL 100.

Janardhan, Kiran Kumar Reddy, Ramasubbaiah, and Bhaskar Reddy, from vice-chairwoman Saraswati's cohort, were seriously injured in the attack. They have lodged a complaint to the town police.

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