TDP Official Spokesperson Divya Vani Resigns

31 May, 2022 12:42 IST|Sakshi Post
File Pic of Divya Vani

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) firebrand spokesperson and former actress Divya Vani resigned from the party on Tuesday. Announcing her resignation, Divya Vani made some sensational statements about the Opposition Party and its chief N Chandrababu Naidu, and shared her ordeal in the party which led to her resignation.

Taking to Twitter she annouced her resignation in protest against several 'evil forces' and thanked the TDP cadre for supporting her.

While she did not name who the evil forces were, Divya Vani said that she was insulted despite all the hard work and efforts that she had put into the party. "They have subjugated me in all possible ways and Chandrababu Naidu would not even hesitate to beg for votes using my dead body," she decried. The TDP official State spokesperson said that a party that was started by a great artist ( in reference to TDP founder late NT Rama Rao) had no place for artists like her, she bemoaned. While referring to Murali Mohan another actor and senior leader in the TDP, she explained that he was able to get on because he had other business.

" I have been relegated to an 'official' without any powers, she said. Working for the TDP for the past three years I was not recognized despite being the firebrand in the party," the former spokesperson said.

She said that she was insulted by the TDP high command during the Mahanadu event held recently and sent away while expressing her discontent with the way she was treated. " Despite knowing the party line and being the spokesperson, my voice has been stifled and I wasn't even given the opportunity to speak," Divya Vani revealed.

In July last year, Divya Vani made some sensational statements bout the TDP  and also that of the ruling YSRC Party in an interview, predicting how Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy would win again, in response to a social media campaign saying that the YSRCP would win the elections again. 

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