Dalits Of Amaravati Support Three-Capital Move

20 Oct, 2020 18:00 IST|Sakshi Post

A large number of Dalits in the Amaravati capital region have come out openly in support of the devolution of the capital and the YSRCP government’s proposal of three capitals. The Dalits are not just supporting the move, but are also staging sit-ins as a mark of their solidarity.

The sit-in is being organised at the Seed Access Road Junction in Tallayapalem of Tulluru mandal, which is also the epicentre of the TDP-sponsored Amaravati protests. A large number of women under the aegis of the Dalit Bahujan Protection Committee are taking part in the protests.  Dalit women and youth are active in organising these sit-ins.

The Dalits are seeking to highlight as to how the erstwhile TDP regime threatened them and snatched away their lands using force. They are demanding that justice be done to them. They are also rooting for the development of all the three regions of the state. They are extending support to Vizag being made the administrative capital, while Kurnool the judicial capital, in addition to the legislative capital at Amaravati. Organisations like the Mala Mahanadu, MRPS and several other civil rights bodies are extending their support to the sit-in.

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