Children Who Ran Away From Home In Proddatur Rescued by Railway TC in Arakkonam

6 Feb, 2021 16:08 IST|Sakshi Post

The parents of two kids, who had left home unannounced, heaved a huge sigh of relief after they returned home safely. Mahabub Basha, Sheikh Javid, Vishwasaraju and Vamsi Krishna, in the age groupof 13–14 years are a group of friends from Amritanagar. They left home three days ago without informing at home. They all were living in the same street. The four boarded the Mumbai train bound for Erraguntla.

The TC on the train sought tickets from the kids near Arakkonam in Tamil Nadu.

However, the TC realized that the children had run away from home when the children did not have any  tickets with them. Later, the TC handed them over the kids to the Arakkonam Railway Police. The police there provided information to the parents of the children in Amritanagar. Sinihab head Basireddy Veerakumarreddy brought the four children to Proddatur on Friday at his own expense.

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