Chandrababu Jittery Over Falling Graph

7 Jul, 2022 19:55 IST|Sakshi Post

Amaravati: YSRCP MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy stated that Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu has gone into frustration with his falling graph, as his  degrading politics and conspiracies against the government failed to work.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, the MLA termed Chandrababu as a failed leader, who couldn’t do any development to his own district Chittoor even after being a Chief Minister for 14 years. Naidu nurtured and encouraged all illegal activities right from corruption to bribery during his rule, he said adding that Chandrababu has no moral right to speak on agriculture, farmer welfare, or free electricity. He stated that people were fed up with the betrayals and rejected TDP in 2019 and are ready to reject them again.

MLA Srikanth Reddy recalled how farmers were betrayed in TDP reign, with fake promises of Chandrababu and stated that the current government is striving for farmer welfare and fulfilled over 95 percent of the poll promises in just three years. He said Chandrababu is not in a position to digest the fact that the government is implementing welfare schemes and increasing support from the public.

He said that Chandrababu has no right to criticise YSRCP government as he had done nothing but destroy the state during his rule.

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