Chandrababu Daydreaming About Power, Says RK Roja

28 May, 2022 16:15 IST|Sakshi Post

Minister for Tourism, Culture, and Youth Advancement of Andhra Pradesh, RK Roja said that TDP activists were doing better now in the YSRCP regime than during the TDP regime. She further stated that those who killed NTR, are now celebrating the birth anniversary of NTR. She also said that Chandrababu Naidu is daydreaming to return to power despite not winning a single seat in the total of 175 assembly seats. She wondered if Balakrishna ever remembered the development of Nimmakuru in the last 14 years of Chandrababu Naidu regime.

RK Roja stated that the people were in totally confused over the behaviour of TDP leaders on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of NTR. She said that a power hungry Naidu backstabbed NTR and to date, Naidu has no remorse. She said that it is ironic to see  Naidu paying floral tributes to NTR statue and pretending to have some respect for NTR. She said that Chandrababu Naidu would do anything for the sake of power. She further stated that in Naidu's 44 years of ruling, he did all cheap things. She said that Mahanadu is conducted on the occasion of NTR's birth anniversary but Chandrababu Naidu would never talk about the greatness of NTR. She said that Naidu should atleast understand why people didn't elect him in the 2019 elections and should have self-realisation. But instead, he is blaming YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

She dared Chandrababu Naidu to visit any of the TDP workers' homes either in Kadapa or Krishna district or any other town and would question whether they have been benefitted during the TDP regime or the YSRCP regime.

She further stated that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy wants everyone to get the benefits of the schemes implemented by the government irrespective of whether they voted for him or not. She also said that be it a BJP worker or a TDP worker, everyone is getting the benefits of welfare schemes. Roja also said that CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is keeping all his poll promises.

She also said that "We are proud to say that after the completion of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's three years in office, we can go to every house and can say that we have implemented 96 percent of the promises we have made at the time of elections. Every promise made by CM YS Jagan is being implemented." She further stated that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy asked the public representatives to reach out to the people and check whether everyone is getting the benefits of the welfare schemes or not and also directed the officials to see to that there are any technical issues that need to be sorted out.

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