Chandrababu Is Copying YS Jagan

16 Sep, 2020 09:27 IST|Sakshi Post

Finally, Chandrababu Naidu appears to be realising that YS Jagan had made smart organisational moves to win the elections. He has realised that the appointment of Lok Sabha constituency level conveners was a very smart move. This has actually helped the YSRCP in coordinating with various assembly constituencies very easily.

This move, said to have been suggested by poll pundit Prashant Kishore and vigorously implemented by Jagan despite some murmurs within the party, has paid dividends for the YSRCP. Better coordination, quicker decision making, better grasp of the local issues and understanding of organisational inadequacies have helped the party address them. This has helped the party win the 2019 elections.

Chandrababu has now realised that this was in fact a very smart move. In the TDP, a lot of time is being lost as all the decisions are to be taken by district presidents. Instead, parliamentary incharges will quicken the pace of decision making. So, the TDP too is now planning to have constituency level conveners. This seems to have  a sound rationale as YS Jagan is planning to carve out each Lok Sabha constituency into a district.

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