TDP Leader Booked for Assaulting SC Woman Officer in Chilakaluripet

14 May, 2022 15:15 IST|Sakshi Post

Palnadu: A case has been filed against the TDP leader Pratipati Pulla Rao in connection with the attack on a municipal official in Chilakaluripet, the police said.

Violating the regulations, the TDP leaders under the supervision of former minister Pathipati Pulla Rao were setting up borewells near the fresh water pond and restarting the water plant and when the officer belonging to the SC community confronted them, the TDP workers attacked her. 

During the TDP government, as part of the NTR Sujala Sravanti scheme, a water plant was installed by the then minister Pathipati Pulla Rao near the old fresh water pond. But, the water plant went defunct in a couple of years. The TDP leaders publicized in the media on Thursday that there were re-starting it. Additionally, two borewells were secretly dug up in the area belonging to the municipality.

Upon receiving the information, the municipal officials issued notices on Thursday saying no permits had been issued to the borewells and therefore no activities should be carried out at the location. Later, the officials reported the matter to the police. 

However, Pathipati with about 200 of his followers went ahead to inaugurate the water plant. Meanwhile, the Municipal Town Planning Supervisor (TPS) Kodirekka Sunita, Revenue Officer Phanikumar, and other officials informed Pattipati Pulla Rao that no permission has been given to the water plant and borewells in the area. 

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Urban CI G. Rajeshwara Rao and other police officials tried to stop the TDP leader from going ahead with the inauguration programme. However, TDP leaders pushed the municipal officials and got into an altercation with the police and created a commotion. In the melee, the TDP leaders pushed the woman officer Sunita and attacked her. The woman officer received severe bruises on her shoulder and back. 

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