Dal Curry Leads To 77-Year-Old Man’s Suicide 

17 Jul, 2020 15:16 IST|Sakshi Post

KASIBUGGA: In an unfortunate incident, dal curry or the lack of it precisely, became the reason for an old man to end his life in Palasa of Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh. In what sounds very bizarre, 77-year-old Bella Anjaneyulu committed suicide after his wife did not prepare the dal curry that he wanted. In a fit of rage and an act of impulse, he jumped into a nearby well to take his own life on Thursday.

Anjaneyulu’s extreme step moved everyone in Palasa. Some locals felt that the incident also depicted on the flipside of the mental condition of people who are feeling bottled-up being confined to their homes in containment zones due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As per the details given by the Kasibugga Police, Anjaneyulu from Annapurna street in Palasa town had asked his wife Nagaratnam to prepare dal curry. The old couple had an argument over this. Following this, Anjaneyulu came out of the house in a huff and took a plunge into the nearby well as his wife. The old couple has a son.

The locals informed the police about the incident. The Kasibugga police, as part of their investigation, are also checking out if it was merely a case of suicide or there could be any other reason for Anjaneyulu’s death.

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