Chandrababu's Plans To Position Lokesh As 'Amaravati Saviour' Backfires

13 Oct, 2020 11:18 IST|Sakshi Post

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu’s attempts to position party's “little boss” Lokesh as a young, dashing leader seems to be falling flat. Every attempt made to fashion his future political career seems to be going down the drain.

The other day, TDP’s little boss Lokesh had a tough time in Dondapadu village of the Amaravati Capital Region when the locals shouted “Go Back” slogans at him. Lokesh was in Dondapadu to meet the kin of the woman, who died after she fell off from a tractor that carried crowds to a TDP-sponsored Amaravati rally. The people shouted slogans about the TDP attempts to use the Amaravati farmers for its own political benefit.

It became very clear to everyone that Lokesh could not effectively articulate his opinions. He had no answer to the allegations that the political parties were only exploiting them and were not really interested in benefiting them.

The much-hyped tour of Lokesh Babu in capital area villages like Errabalem, Krishnayapalem, Venkatapalem, Tulluru, Dongdapadu and Anantavaram too fizzled out due to lukewarm response. Lokesh tried hard to whip up anti-Government sentiment. He tried to rake up sentiments in the Amaravati region over questions raised by some people about the TDP-sponsored farmers’ agitation. In the end, the little boss had to come back without achieving anything substantial.

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