AP Police Seizes Liquor Bottles Transported Illegally In Concrete Bulker

21 Mar, 2021 15:07 IST|Sakshi Post

The police and Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) has strengthened their vigil to put an end to the smuggling of liquor, the bootleggers are finding out new ways to run their illegal business. 

At every checkpoint, SEB teams and police are conducting checks round-the-clock but still, some are trying to transport liquor illegally.

Guntur district Rural Police conducted sudden raids and found a concrete bulker coming from Sangareddy of Telangana in a suspicious condition. After a thorough search of the vehicle, the police found that the vehicle was used to transport liquor illegally. Guntur Police and SEB team seized 22,700 liquor bottles. 

The liquor rate in Telangana is less compared to that of Andhra Pradesh, so, people residing in the border villages from Andhra are doing the business of purchasing liquor from the neighbouring State in the black market and selling it for high prices in AP. 

Police arrested the driver of the vehicle and cases under various sections have been registered.

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