AP Plans To Set Up IT Firms In These Places

4 Jul, 2021 15:17 IST|Sakshi Post

Andhra Pradesh state government is sketching up strategies to overcome the difficulties faced in setting up IT companies in the state. Not even a single IT Park was set up by the previous government during its five year tenure and now the companies that are coming forward to start their offices in the state are facing many difficulties for space. This problem is especially prevalent in Visakhapatnam and Tirupati. To overcome this problem, the state government has decided to build IT concept cities in 1,000 to 2,000 acres in Anantapur, Tirupati and Visakhapatnam and it will take two years for completion. So, AP Electronics and IT Agency (APITA) is preparing a perfect plan to complete the project on time and is going to take the help of builders and realty associations.

APITA is going to come up with a special portal in which all the details regarding the availability of space for setting up IT companies in the state. The portal will include details of the sites available for the development of IT parks and how far the construction has completed, etc., Local builders and realty associations would select the buildings. In the portal, one could find the details of buildings being constructed by private builders at Tirupati, Visakhapatnam and Anantapur. Not only the details of the buildings but the portal also contains the details of the hospitals, schools and restaurants around the buildings.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, most of the IT companies have opted to work from home. So, the IT companies are planning to set up small offices with a capacity of 30 seats in small towns. The satellite offices will be set up to provide backend support to the people from Andhra Pradesh who work in cities like Noida, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai. APITA is in talks with the companies like Zoho Corp, FreshWorks, SAP, Wipro, Infosys and Tech Mahindra who are showing interest in setting up these satellite offices. Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad have become global competency centers for retail companies like Tesco, Walmart, Target and many other banking companies. As the land rates and cost of living is increasing in the metropolitan cities, the companies are showing interest to set up mini global competency centres in Tirupati and Anantapur districts.

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