AP Panchayat Elections 2021: Lottery To Decide Candidates Fate In Case Of Tie

9 Feb, 2021 13:39 IST|Sakshi Post

AP Gram Panchayat Elections 2021: With the first phase of panchayat elections under way, across the State of Andhra Pradesh, poll officials have stated that 34.28 per cent polling was recorded at 10:30 AM. State Election Officer Girija Shankar  is supervising the elections from Command Control Center. Polling will continue until 3:30 PM and the counting of votes will commence from 4:00 PM.

During the vote counting session, if by an interesting turn of events there will be a tie between the candidates; the winner will be announced by lottery system, if two candidates get equal votes during the counting of votes of the Sarpanch and Ward members.

Lottery to decide tie

As per information, ROs and the polling staff have been given instructions that in case of a tie-like situation, a lottery should be drawn in the presence of a Stage-2 officer. First, the names of the two candidates (each candidate's name will be written in five slips) are written on the paper slips. Care is taken to ensure that the papers are the same colour and size. A total of ten tickets are folded tightly and placed in a box, so that the names do not even appear on the tickets.

The poll officer will pull out a slip of paper after turning the box over. Whosever name comes in the list will be declared the winner accordingly.

Tender Vote when someone else casts your vote

If a person who comes to vote finds out that another person has already voted as such elector, s/he shall, on satisfactorily answering such questions relating to his identity as the presiding officer may ask, be entitled, subject to the provisions of this rule, to mark a Tendered ballot paper in the same manner as any other elector.

Every such person shall, before being supplied with a tendered ballot paper, sign his name against the entry relating to him in a list in Form 15. A tendered ballot paper shall be the same as the other ballot papers used at the polling except that such tendered ballot paper shall be serially the last in the bundle of ballot papers issued for use at the polling station Such tendered ballot paper and its counterfoil shall be endorsed on the back with the words "tendered ballot paper" by the presiding officer in his own hand and signed by him. The elector, after marking a tendered ballot paper in the voting compartment and folding it, shall, instead of putting it into the ballot box, give it to the presiding officer, who shall place it in a cover specially kept for the purpose.

In the case of the panchayat elections wherever such a situation arises, PO Form-24 should be filled and the signature or fingerprint of the person should be taken. The last number on the ballot paper will be taken and the Presiding Officer should write the counter file on the last ballot paper and tender ballot paper on the ballot paper on the back. It should not be noted on the mark copy. The ballot must be placed in a separate envelope and handed over to the Returning Officer instead of being placed in the ballot box. If the tender votes exceed 2 per cent, the matter should be brought to the notice of the superiors.

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