Cruel Fate: Man Rescued From Floods Dies Minutes Later In AP

2 Oct, 2020 14:51 IST|Sakshi Post

ANANTAPUR: What you witness in the video inside is perhaps the classic example of a quirky fate playing a wicked game and turning life on its head in just a matter of minutes. A man in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh died minutes after being rescued from floodwaters and brought to safety.

The man, identified as Sriramulu, was being swept away in Kojjepally rivulet of Gutthi (Gooty) mandal in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh when he was rescued by a group of brave local villagers. The incident happened when he attempted to drive across a road, not realizing the dangers of flirting with furiously overflowing floodwaters. As the water currents were too strong, he was thrown off his feet.

Just as he and his vehicle were being swept away, a group of local villagers came to his rescue and brought him to the banks of the rivulet. As the video shows, the shocked man was helped by his rescuers on his way out of the waters. Visibly shocked, Sriramulu started his walk back to the upland. But just as everyone was about to shift their gaze from him, the most unthinkable happened.

As cruel fate would have it, he collapsed on the ground and died. Sriramulu was a native of Cherlopalli, a nearby village. Shell-shocked to see the rescued man dying on reaching safety, many onlookers wondered if he died more out of shock rather than the impact of the freak mishap. People were heard saying in the hindsight that Sriramulu could have been alive had he avoided his escapade of crossing the stream that is in spade. Like it commonly happens at many places across India during the rainy season, Sriramulu apparently got carried away by heavy vehicles like buses and trucks easily crossing the flooded stream. He resorted to the same but ended up paying a heavy price.

Around the same time this unfortunate man was being swept away, a lorry and an auto-rickshaw, laden with passengers, were also caught in the middle of the floodwaters, raising fears on the safety of the inmates. But luckily, they were all rescued, thus averting a major tragedy.

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