AP Jawan Jaswant Reddy Cremated

10 Jul, 2021 17:04 IST|Sakshi Post

Guntur: The last rites of Jawan Jashwant Reddy, a martyr killed in a crossfire along the Jammu and Kashmir border, was concluded at noon. Soldiers saluted after firing into the galley. For the first time, a large number of people gathered to see Jashwant Reddy. Everyone said their goodbyes with tears. The army Sepoy's remains arrived in his hometown today. Official military rites were performed during Jashwant Reddy's burial at Dharivada Kottapalam. The funeral was held at the Kottapalam Cemetery in Bapatla, Guntur district, with all arrangements made by the authorities.

At Jashwant Reddy funeral, AP Assembly Deputy Speaker Kona Raghupathi, Home Minister Mekatoti Sucharita, and Collector Vivek Yadav paid their respects.

Jawan Jashwant Reddy (23), a native of Dharipada Kottapalem, Bapatla Mandal, Guntur district, was killed in a confrontation on Thursday evening in the Sundarbani area of Rajouri district in Jammu & Kashmir. One of the two soldiers killed in the terrorist fire was Jashwant Reddy. He is survived by his father Srinivasa Reddy, mother Venkateswaram and two younger brothers Yashwant Reddy and Vishwant Reddy.  The state of Andhra Pradesh has expressed its sympathies to Veer Jawan Jashwant's family.

CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy conveyed his condolences on Veer jawan's passing. The soldier's family has been offered Rs 50 lakh financial assistance.

In 2015, he was enlisted in the army. In Jammu and Kashmir, he was serving as a Jawan in the Infantry Division. Four months ago, he returned home for the holidays. In a month's time, family members were planning to get him married, it is learnt.

Meanwhile, Venkateshwaramma and her husband Srinivasa Reddy are mourning the loss of their son in a terrorist attack. The residents of Kottapalam are in shock over the tragedy.

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