AP Govt Sets Up SIT To Probe Temple Attacks

9 Jan, 2021 10:44 IST|Sakshi Post

AP Government constitutes a 16 member SIT to probe the attacks on temples headed by GV Ashok Kumar IPS.

- SIT will investigate all temple related cases since Sept, 2020.

- Director, FSL will accord top priority to the request of any Forensic support by SIT chief

- Agencies like CID and the Intelligence will extend full co-operation.

- SIT to co-ordinate with SPs and local personnel & identify the linkages by studying the pattern of above crimes

- Cyber Crimes PS of CID , Vijayawada & Visakhapatnam shall extend all possible assistance

- SIT chief can ask DGP for any additional personnel/logistical support if required.

- SIT chief to supervise all proceedings in order to file a final report in the relevant court.

- SIT to update DGP and ADGP L & O about the progress from time to time.

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