Anandaiah Covid Medicine Preparations In Tirupati

7 Jun, 2021 17:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Anandaiah's concoction, touted as a cure for COVID-19; Andhra Pradesh state government has granted permission for the administration of P,L and F category supplements.

Centre Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAs) officials said that there is no harm in using Anandaiah's herbal medicine but there is no evidence that this can reduce the effects of coronavirus.

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams which has already formed a committee to conduct the clinical trials of Anandaiah's herbal medicine submitted its findings based on the information collected from 500 people who have already taken Anandaiah's medicine to CCRAS. TTD is going to submit its final report in the next two weeks. 

The people of AP and Telangana are eagerly waiting for the distribution of the medicine, however there is no clarity on the distribution of Anandaiah's medicine. 

According to the reports, the herbal medicine was distributed to a limited number of people on Sunday and it was distributed under the supervision of Anandaiah's brother. The medicine will be distributed to the people of Sarvepalli first and those who want medicine should show their Aadhaar Card. It is said that the medicine can be given to only 2,000 people a day.

On the other hand, all the arrangements are being made for the distribution of Anandaiah's medicine in Tirupati as well. The coronavirus Ayurvedic medicine is being manufactured at Narayana Gardens in Tirupati under the supervision of Chandragiri MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy. Anandaiah's son Sridhar is overseeing the preparation of medicine. MLA Chevireddy said that the medicine would be distributed to all the people of Chandragiri constituency in another two days.

He said that, "There are 60 lakh families in Chandragiri constituency. There are 5,20,000 people. We give medicine to 5 people in a house. We are making P medicine(Preventive Medicine) which boosts the immune system. Herbs were brought from the surrounding areas. The medicine has to be taken two times a day and it will be distributed free of cost to all the people in the constituency."

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