Amul Project To Strengthen Dairy Sector In Andhra Pradesh

4 Dec, 2020 09:05 IST|Sakshi Post

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Wednesday launched AP-Amul project, which would strengthen the dairy sector in cooperatives besides creating economic empowerment of women. The project was virtually Iaunched here on Wednesday, in 400 villages spread over three districts in the first phase.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that the State government wanted to give a  better price to milk cooperatives which would create competition in the market and private diaries would eventually come forward and pay more.

The project stemmed out of the plight expressed by dairy farmers during 3648 km padayatra who said the price of one litre water bottle and one litre of milk was the same. The State signed MoU with Amul on July 21 to strengthen milk cooperatives.

Amul, which is cooperative movement, pays more than the existing price per litre and the profit earned would be distributed among the stakeholders periodically. It stands eighth in the IFCN 's ranking.

Through AP-Amul project, 9899 villages across the State will be brought under milk production, where Bulk Milk Chilling Units (BMCU) and Auto Milk Collection Units (AMCU) will be set up with an expenditure of Rs 3000 Crore. The project will empower women from the rural areas for the 20-30 years, providing a recurring income resource and a sustainable livelihood. In the first phase, milk collection takes off in 400 villages in Prakasam Chittoor and Kadapa districts and within 10 days of milk collection the amount will be directly credited into the farmers accounts.

In addition to these, as per the choice given by the Cheyutha beneficiaries, 4.69 lakh women have opted for investing their money in dairy sectors and for them the state government will be providing cattle units in three phases at a cost of Rs 6551 Crore. On Wednesday, around 7,000 cattle units will be distributed, followed by one lakh units in February and 3.6 lakh units in August 2021. Similarly, on December 10, the State will be distributing 2.49 lakh units of sheep and goats for those women who have opted. The State will also facilitate and provide suggestions, in case the women want to buy the cattle on their own. Good breeds of cattle from other states will also be supplied.

The State has also signed MoUs with major business houses like ITC, P&G and others for sustainable livelihood to Cheyutha and Asara beneficiaries.
Meanwhile, Managing Director of Amul RS Sodhi lauded the Chief Minister for inspiring and motivating them to start this project in Andhra Pradesh. He said Amul is being run by 36 lakh farmers , which aims to reduce the gap between milk procurement cost and supply cost, so that both the customers and farmers get benefited. Drawing a comparison between AP and Gujarat, Sodhi said that the only difference is productivity, where AP stands first in terms of production. The future offers Rural Andhra Pradesh is Dairy sector and AP will be the second Amul in the country.

Ministers Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, Balineni Srinivasa Reddy, Kurasala Kannababu, Dr. Seediri Appalraju, Chief Secretary Nilam Sawhney, Special Chief Secretary Poonam Malakondaiah, Agri Mission Vice Chairman MVS Nahi Reddy, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, Ltd., (AMUL) MD R.S. Sodhi, Kaira Milk Union (Amul Dairy) MD Amit Vyas, Sabarkantha Milk Union ( Suburban Dairy) MD Dr BM Patel were present.

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