Ambati Condemns Fake News on Polavaram

16 Apr, 2022 09:58 IST|Sakshi Post

Minister for Irrigation Ambati Rambabu flayed a section of the media for propagating false news on the Polavaram project and said the state government is committed to completing the project. 

Speaking to media at the party central office here on Friday, the Minister said a vernacular media organization has been continuously spreading false news on the Poalvaram project with malifide intentions and added that the damage to the diaphragm wall and cofferdam of the Project was due to the corruption by the previous TDP government for commissions. 

In regard to Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) works, the Minister said the decision to complete R&R works in phases was taken by the Central Water Commission along with Polavaram Project Authority and the state government is implementing the recommendations. He said it is technically wrong to fill water at the total capacity of 45.72 meters and then start rehabilitation works in the Polavaram project. He said Central Water Commission has decided to fill water at the capacity of 41.15 meters and complete rehabilitation in submerged villages and then gradually increase the capacity of water and complete the rehabilitation works.

The Minister said an additional amount of Rs 800 crore needs to be spent on the project because of the wrongdoings of the previous TDP government and added that a section of the media never reported on it. He said the works should be taken up in an orderly manner and the spillway should have been constructed first, but the previous TDP regime executed the project haphazardly, leaving everything incomplete. The lack of proper planning and floods caused damage to the project resulting in additional expenditure and added that this is the first time it happened in the world and Naidu should be held responsible for it.

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