Sand Mafia, Corruption Hallmarks of TDP Regime: Anakapalle MLA Gudivada Amarnath

10 Jul, 2021 09:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Vishakapatnam: Anakapalli MLA Gudivada Amarnath rubbished the allegations of mining scam levelled by Chandrababu Naidu and said it was TDP that has looted the resources of the state during its term.

Speaking to media at the party office here on Friday, the MLA ridiculed Naidu for accusing the state government of obstructing TDP's fact-finding committee visit at the Rowthulapudi area and said they were stopped due to the problems pertaining to those sensitive areas. He said Naidu has been playing these tactics only to gain political mileage.

The MLA said Naidu and TDP leaders supported sand mafia and exploited nearly Rs 10,000 crore during the previous government and added that TDP leaders from the village level were involved in it. He said it was Nara Lokesh and Ayyanapathrudu's son who has looted laterite.

While TDP leaders have plundered minerals in the Chimakurthi region, it was the YSRCP government that has imposed Rs 2500 crore fines. He asserted that not even a single laterite lease was sanctioned by the YSRCP government and said it was TDP leaders who got orders from Courts to mine laterite.

He reminded the sand mafia of Atchennaidu in Srikakulam, illegal quarry of Yerapathaneni Srinivas, Illegal mining activities of Devineni Uma and Prathipati Pulla Rao and said it was TDP leaders who were indulged in illegal activities related to marijuana and laterite in the Agency region.

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