Panabaka Unhappy With Chandrababu's Attitude

25 Nov, 2020 15:34 IST|Sakshi Post
TDP Chief N Chandrababu Naidu, Panabaka Lakshmi

TIRUPATI: Even though there is ample time for the Tirupati Lok Sabha by- elections date to be announced, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) went all out to announce the name of its party candidate. As per sources, the hurried announcement of naming Dr Panabaka Lakshmi as its Parliamentary candidate was due to rumours of the former union minister making plans to join the BJP. The decision to announce her name without consulting her apparently did not go down too well with her.

Irked by Chandrababu's attitude she is said to be staying away from party activities and maintaining silence. It is learned that Chandrababu inquired as to why there was no response from her end even though her name was announced.

The TDP supremacy was informed that she was upset at the announcement without consulting her and that there was a possibility of her leaving the TDP fold. The TDP Chief is said to have sent senior leader Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy to pacify her, and in this context he is said to have met her on Tuesday. As part of the meeting, Panabaka Lakshmi had put forward certain conditions to the TDP leaders for her to continue with the Party.  

There are also rumours that Chandrababu is also trying to enter into an secretive internal arrangement with the BJP. The name of Dasari Srinivasulu a former IAS officer who is friendly with both parties, is doing the rounds now. If the BJP announces his name, Chandrabbau is also likely to support him is what the information has come. If this is the case then Panabaka Lakshmi might get another shocker is what the sources in the TDP camp say.

The Tirupati Loks Sabha by-election was necessitated due to the demise of YSRCP MP Balli Durga Prasad Rao who died of COVID-19.

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