MP Kesineni Nani Faces Bitter Experience Due To Infighting in Vijayawada TDP

18 Feb, 2021 15:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Internal differences Spotted in Vijayawada TDP.

MLC Buddha Venkanna community quarrel with Kesineni Nani.

Vijayawada: The civil war in Vijayawada TDP intensified. Internal differences within the TDP erupted once again on Thursday. MP Kesineni Nani faces a bitter experience due to infighting in Vijayawada TDP. The MLC Buddha Venkanna community clashed with Keshineni Nani, who came to inaugurate the division party office. The MLC Buddha Venkanna activists questioned that how can one encourage those who have changed from the party. Keshineni Nani responded that the party disciplinary committee would take action if he had made a mistake.

Meanwhile, TDP politics are changing rapidly in the Vijayawada parliamentary constituency. MP Keshineni Nani’s opposition factions in the party are moving against him to make him politically isolated. Vijayawada city as a centre continues to rise to new heights.

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