Jolt To Chandrababu As Padala Aruna Leaves TDP

30 Jan, 2021 16:33 IST|Sakshi Post

Vijayanagaram: The Telugu Desam Party has suffered another set back in the district. Former minister Padala Aruna, a senior district leader of the party known as a key woman leader in the Uttarandhra TDP, said goodbye to the party. A copy of the resignation was sent to the party president. Padala Aruna has served four times as an MLA and once as a minister.

Although she has worked in TDP for 33 years, she has not been given proper recognition unless she is used as a pawn. Padala Aruna said the decision was taken as he could not stand in the party. Aruna, who is deeply dissatisfied with her superiors, and the district party leaders for not giving the priority she deserved and not even getting a place in the state committees, has said goodbye to TDP.

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