YSRCP To Sue National Media Channel Over False Reporting

9 Mar, 2021 11:20 IST|Sakshi Post

Amaravati: Strongly refuting the baseless and irresponsible news beamed by a national channel that there is a crisis in YSRCP, the Party General Secretary Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said such mercenary tactics will hold no ice and legal options will be pursued.

The national channel has broadcast news with a heavy accent on sensationalizing throwing objectivity to winds and gave an irresponsible story that there is a revolt in YSRCP and the Party in crisis and the Chief Minister is meeting with the core committee. We are shocked and angry about the broadcast which is a blatant act of mercenary methodology. The pride of five crore people is at stake for this action and we will not fall prey to it.

The credibility of the news channel in question and the journalist-cum-anchor are well known for rushing the news without verifying the facts as it happened many times earlier and the high decibel arrogance of the anchor has been a notorious Pan-India, he said adding that they will proceed legally.

If the channel wanted to uphold the journalistic spirit, with the Parliament being in session, all the Party MPs are in Delhi and facts could have been verified. Instead, the channel went ahead with the story without verifying the authenticity of the sources.

This is an old game and the sly players are at it again. Even during Nandyal's by-election, such falsehood was spread by the so-called national channel without verifying the facts stating that YSRCP is joining NDA while it was TDP that was a partner in Delhi.

The tag of the national channel cannot infuse authenticity into the unverified news and the spinning of tales is heinous to blurt unverified and serious allegations leaving it for the Party in question to wriggle out of the mess by denying the news.

As a precursor to this present-day perceived crisis similar news with lesser intensity and was beamed on March 4. While the viewership is very minute in this part of the nation, some vested interests took to Twitter while a section of media makes it headlines.

If at all the channel wanted to beam a story on Andhra Pradesh, the crisis in TDP has been in the open for the past three days and the Opposition leader has been speaking incoherently which merits a mention in the channel and is newsworthy. There is neither a tip nor an iceberg and we are aware of the players involved in the spread of falsehood, he said.

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