Departmental Sections in New Districts of AP Halved

25 Apr, 2022 16:18 IST|Sakshi Post

Srikakulam: After the formation of new districts, the state government has started bridging the gap between higher authorities and the people. As the newly formed districts have comparably less population and area, the departmental sections to be set up in the Collectorate for governance were reduced. Till now there were 8 sections in the district but now their number has been reduced to 4. A G.O. has been issued to this effect. 

The Collectorate plays a key role in providing welfare schemes to the people and ensuring implementation of government schemes. Earlier, the Collector's office used to have 8 sections namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. In addition to these sections, Mee Sewa and Legal sections also provided services to the people who visited the collector office. The Collector would deliver people-oriented schemes and services through these sections.

Section-1: The existing sections A and B have been merged to make Section-1. A-Section would cater to the needs of all cadres of Establishment (Administration), Office Procedures, Establishment and Service Matters and Disciplinary Matters. Section B covered Accounts, Salary, Purchases and Records Management. These two (A&B) sections have been merged into Section-1.

Section-2: The sections E,F, and G have been combined into one section. The E section took care of Land Matters, Land Administration, Land Eligibility, Assignment, House Sites, Prohibited Property Management 22A, Fisheries and Other Land Records. Section G dealt with settlements, Inam lands, court related, forest land etc. While section F included land acquisition, R&R etc.  

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Section-3: Sections C and H are combined into one section Magisterial Section, Caste Verification, Fire and Safety, Election, Law and Order, SC, ST atrocity and other related matters will be taken care of in this section. While Section H contains protocol, grievance and other related items.

Section-4: This section contains Section D. In this section, services like disaster management, disasters are provided. Superintendents have also been appointed for the above sections. The staff in these sections has also been halved, While the staff from the Collectorate have been posted to Vizianagaram and Manyam districts.

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