AP SSC Inter Exams Results 2021: Check How Marks Are Allotted and Grading Pattern

25 Jun, 2021 18:03 IST|Sakshi Post

The Andhra Pradesh SSC Inter exams have been cancelled, and a new grading pattern has been implemented; more information can be found here.

Establishment of a Hyper Power Committee to assess grades. The information was disclosed by AP education Minister Adimulku Suresh.

Amaravati: The SSC and Inter examinations in Andhra Pradesh have been cancelled. The examinations have been cancelled after the Supreme Court order that they are to be held by July 31st. The tests cannot be held at this time, according to Andhra Pradesh's Minister of Education.

The issue of the tenth and intermediate exams in Andhra Pradesh has finally been resolved. Regarding the examinations, the Minister of Education has made an important statement. Following the Supreme Court's ruling that the examinations be held by July 31st, the minister claimed that it was not possible to conduct the exams by that date and that the exams had been cancelled.

Exam cancellations have been connected to Corona in a number of states throughout the country. The government of Andhra Pradesh had previously stated that the exams would be conducted with the student's future in mind. The examinations, on the other hand, were ordered by the Supreme Court to be annulled.

The Supreme Court's judgment resulted in the cancellation of both the Inter and SSC examinations in Andhra Pradesh. According to the minister, the examinations would be cancelled since they were not finished by the Supreme Court's deadline of July 31st.

According to the minister, the decision to cancel the exams was made in order to avoid any more problems for the students.

Following the cancellation of the exams, Suresh, the Minister of Education, made a significant remark on the assessment criteria.

The Minister indicated that the criteria for awarding the points would be revealed later. He indicated that a High-Power Committee would be formed for the assessment process. According to the government, only Inter second-year students have lab marks right now. The results should be available by July 31st.

The possibility of assigning grades in the following manner:

Students in the tenth grade are more likely to receive good grades. It appears that the authorities believe that if grades are assigned, a separate test for admission to institutions like IIIT will be unnecessary. Students in their second year, however, will be able to receive marks based on their first-year grades and practical grades.

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