AP MPP Vice MPP Election Nominations End

24 Sep, 2021 12:07 IST|Sakshi Post

Elections for Mandal Parishad Presidents (MPPs) across Andhra Pradesh will be held on Friday. The nomination process for the election of members ended some time back. Nominations went on until 12 noon. This will be followed by a nominations review program.

Members will be elected at 1 p.m. The election process for MPs and Vice MPs will begin from 3 pm. MPs and Vice MPs are elected by a show of hands. In the recent MPTC election results that were released, the YSRCP won a record number of seats. Now, the MPP positions too are likely to go to YSRCP as they have a strong presence.

Elections for Mandal Parishad Presidents (MPPs) across Andhra Pradesh will be held on Friday. In addition to the MP, there will be one co-opted member for each constituency, as well as elections for constituency vice presidents. Those elected as MPTC members within the constituencies will conduct the elections by a show of hands.

Appropriate arrangements have been made by the Panchayati Raj Department officials in the district along with the State Election Commission for holding special meetings at MPDVO offices everywhere in this regard. According to the quorum, if at least half of the newly elected MPTC members in the constituency are present, the election of the co-opted members along with the post of MPP and vice-president will continue, officials said.

The election process has been completed in 9,583 of the total 10,047 MPTC seats across the state. Special meetings begin at 1pm. All newly elected members, including those unanimously elected, will be sworn in at that meeting. 

A co-opted member is then elected.Another meeting will be held at 3 pm to elect the first MP and then the Vice-President. 

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