AP Inter Board To Open First Year Admissions Online

13 Jul, 2021 12:40 IST|Sakshi Post

AP Inter Board is preparing to conduct the first-year admissions online

Seats in colleges for individuals with exceptional abilities

Possibility of providing institutions and groups with alternatives in order of preference

Reservations for SC, ST, BC, women and the disabled are also available at private colleges.

A maximum of 40 students per section is permitted, with a total of 9 sections allowed.

MPC, BiPC, and other groups should be present.

Amaravati: For the 2021–22 academic year, the Inter Board is preparing to conduct intermediate first-year admissions online in the state. With complete transparency, students will be able to secure a spot in their preferred institution or group based on merit. During the previous academic year, the Inter-Board launched online admissions for first-year students at government, private, and aided institutions. However, because the proprietors of private institutions contacted the court, the online admissions process had come to a halt. The board is making all the necessary preparations now that the line has been drawn to regulate admissions beginning this academic year.

One must adhere to the established guidelines.

Last year, the Inter-Board implemented numerous modifications to facilitate online admissions. For new college permits and renewals, an online application method was implemented. How many classrooms should each college have, divided into different categories and sections? How much space does each room have? They have set guidelines in this regard. Along with the proposal, the board has uploaded photographs of the structures, including the rooms, restrooms, and playground. These images were also geotagged. Private college owners used to pay close attention to their institutions.

However, geotagging has resulted in permission being given only if the institutions' buildings are located within the applicants' area. Additionally, all the photographs have been made accessible on the college-wise website for students and parents to view. What kinds of clubs and organisations are there at that college? How many employees are there? Details as these have also been incorporated.

Special portal for admissions

In the past, institutions permitted up to 80 individuals in each section. However, the Inter Board of the CBSE has set a maximum of 40 students per section. Only up to 9 sections are allowed, according to the rules. In addition to MPC and BPC, the government has stated that courses such as HEC, CEC, and MEC should be introduced.

In accordance with online admissions, course and seat information for each college has been digitised and uploaded on the website. It has also established an online admissions website. They will fill quota seats for SC, ST, BC, handicapped, women, and athletes even at private universities through online admissions. This does not address the irregularities that exist at private colleges.

Online registration process:

In the process of online admissions, the Inter Board has given several facilities to students.

  • For pre-registration on the internet, tenth class hall ticket number, last year, board, parents' names, mobile number, email id, date of birth, school, caste, and Aadhaar numbers are required instead of going around the colleges as in the past.
  • Use your registration ID and password to apply online.
  • After providing the student's full address and phone number, the information will be shown in groups by districts, institutions, and the medium.
  • In order of preference to the college, the student can choose alternatives to the group of his or her choosing.
  • Following student reservation, the board will assign seats in the different institutions based on tenth-grade merit. The college sends a text message to the student's phone number to let them know.
  • Join the allotted college after downloading the allocation letter from the website.
  • Fees should be paid to the college either online or offline, as stipulated by the School Education Regulatory Commission. The commission, on the other hand, has yet to decide on the fees.
  • Original certificates are not required to be submitted to the college. In the online application, enter the numbers of the respective certificates, and the Inter Board will evaluate them online.
  • The Inter Board is presently in the process of notifying students of the results for the academic year 2020–21. Online admissions will begin when this procedure is completed, according to board sources.
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