AP Govt to Immortalise Sathya Sai Baba's Services in Puttaparthy

27 Jan, 2022 15:38 IST|Sakshi Post

Puttaparthi: The government has approved the creation of a new district with Puttaparthi as its centre.

Long-standing recognition for Satyasai services

In terms of infrastructure, Puttaparthi is even better.

Anantapur district has eight constituencies.

Satyasai district has six constituencies.

The Anantapur district encompasses the Raptadu constituency.

The decentralisation of government provides an impetus for advancement.

Puttaparthi: Anantapur, the seventh-largest district in the country by area, will henceforth be divided into two districts. The state cabinet on Tuesday approved the setting up of Satyasai district as the centre of the international spiritual sanctuary of Puttaparthi. The notification is also expected to be released. Anantapur, the country's seventh-largest district by land, will now be divided into two districts. The state cabinet approved the establishment of Satyasai district as the heart of Puttaparthi's international spiritual sanctuary on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the notification is also anticipated to be released. The district of Anantapur has eight assembly constituencies, whereas the district of Satyasai has six. Anantapur district includes Anantapur Urban, Raptadu, Tadipatri, Shinganamala, Guntakallu, Kalyanadurgam, Rayadurgam, and Uravakonda. The newly constituted Sathyasai district would include the assembly constituencies of Puttaparthi, Kadiri, Hindupuram, Madakashira, Penukonda, and Dharmavaram. Anantapur district will cover 11,359 square kilometres, whereas Satyasai district will cover 7,771 square kilometres.

There are numerous advantages.

The creation of the new district with Puttaparthi as its headquarters was influenced by geographical, spiritual, and other elements. Puttaparthi is already regarded as a major spiritual centre around the world. Sathya Sai Baba walked on the ground that was a mix of natural beauty, aesthetics, education, medical facilities, and land and water resources to suit the demands of the district centre. Many Baba disciples wished for the establishment of a Satyasai district. They are now satisfied that it has been implemented.

A boon to the advancement of the industry.

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The establishment of the Satyasai district appears to have accelerated industrial development. Puttaparthi is 154 kilometres from Bangalore, India's most cosmopolitan metropolis. Bangalore International Airport is 131 kilometres away. In Puttaparthi, there is already an airport. This simplifies the management of industrial and administrative processes. Puttaparthi is also adjacent to the Lepakshi Knowledge Hub in Kodikonda, a Kia automotive manufacturer in Penukonda. Satyasai district will benefit from this by contributing to the expansion of industries from Kodikonda checkpoint to Kia Company, as well as the construction of industries in other locations.

Agriculture's historical glories

In the Satyasai district, the majority of the ponds are strategic. Bukkapatnam pond is 2,971 acres long, Parigi pond is 2,851 acres long, Dharmavaram pond is 1,922 acres long, Kotnur pond is 1,508 acres long, Hindupuram pond is 1,130 acres long, and Gottlour pond is 642 acres long. This district includes the Yogivemana, Chitravati, and Pedaballi reservoirs, as well as the Handri-Neva project's Gollapalli, Marala, and Cherlopalli reservoirs. Apart from these, the district contains historical sites like Penukonda, Lepakshi, Hemawati, Khadri Laxminarasimha Temple, and Thimmammamarrimanu.

Unavoidable risks

For ease of administration, YS Jaganmohan Reddy announced before the elections that new districts would be constructed based on parliamentary constituencies. In keeping with that pledge, the decision to form additional districts has now been made. As a result, the Satyasai district was established under the Hindupuram Parliament as a result of this. Puttaparthi served as the centre point for all areas, hence the decision was made. The Anantapur district centre is now far away for individuals in most portions of the Hindupuram parliamentary seat. The distance between them will be shortened and expenses minimised as a result of the district's designation as Puttaparthi's centre.

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