How Much Effective Is Home Made Masks To Stop Corona Contamination? 

28 Apr, 2020 15:56 IST|Sakshi
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By Harish Chandra

Here is everything you need to know Coronavirus pandemic is spreading globally. Many big countries like USA, Italy is trying hard to control the spread of virus in their country. But the transmission is so severe that it may take years to completely stop the virus, says the health officials.

In this scenario people are told to keep social distance, wear mask everytime they're stepping out of the house and of course maintain proper hygiene. But most of the people can't afford N95 masks which are the best at keeping people from acquiring the virus. That is why many of them have started to make masks at home. Now how much is homemade masks safe or effective?

Here is what you need to know about homemade masks.

Health officials say, a mask is only effective when it can fit properly over the nose and mouth, has densely woven fiber and doesn't create problems in breathing. If the fibers are more tightly woven, the mask becomes more effective. In this case denims, bed sheets can be used to make masks. But it is to be remembered that this masks are not able to completely stop the virus to enter through it. But still since now asymptomatic carriers are roaming around it is better to cover face with anything handy than wearing nothing at all. Precautions is always the best policy.

According to study N95 masks provide atleast 50 percent of more security than a cloth mask. Non medical masks that is homemade masks are not considered as effective as N95 masks. Because homemade masks are only able to block large particles from entering in the mouth. So in that case it protects from people's cough, spit and sneeze. According to American lung association many people are now found asymptomatic. So if you wear a mask in the public area other people will be protected from your cough or sneeze.

The mask slowers the process of transmission of virus. In simple words, homemade masks doesn't protect the wearer from the virus but it stops the public transmission of the virus if the wearer himself is sick. Also health officials are asking to leave the limited stock N95 masks for the doctors and nurses and instead use normal cloth or non surgical masks. There's few benefits of homemade masks. Unlike single use N95 masks these are washable. But thinking about the limited stock of medical masks health officials have developed a protocol for medical institutions to sterilize N95 masks. N95 masks are believed to be the ultimate face covering mask which provide 95% filtration said in one of the bangla news portal. Each model of N95 mask from each manufacturer has certification of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

On the other hand homemade masks are the easiest and fastest made masks. Many of them are not even sewed. But health officials have warned several times that these masks doesn't protect from coronavirus. So going to public places wearing a homemade cloth mask is not at all a good idea.

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