New App for easy transfer of vehicle ownership coming soon

30 Mar, 2016 18:46 IST|Sakshi
New App for easy transfer of vehicle ownership coming soon

Hyderabad: Hyderabad traffic police are putting efforts to introduce an innovative mobile app for transfer of the vehicle ownership. The app will be released in two weeks by the city police in order to simplify the complications in the vehicles’ ownership.

According to the police,the App will provide an easy approach to get the ownership changed from seller to buyer. When a motorist violates the traffic rule, the police will stop the vehicle and enquire about the ownership of the vehicle and then the details of Driving License and Aadhaar number of the driver will be saved. If the driver of the vehicle is not the original owner, a message containing the details of the vehicle and the driver/buyer will be sent to the original owner traced by the details from the registration database as an alert. After the message is received by the actual owner/seller, he can communicate with the driver/buyer and the ownership can be easily transferred.

The app also helps in finding the details of the original owner of the vehicle via communication through the app. It is also helpful to the owners when they are getting chalaans of their sold vehicles coming to their addresses. The buyers can change the registration of the vehicle they purchased on their name by using and communicating the same on this App.

Hyderabad traffic police are keen to release the app very soon after making the App more user friendly by adding more options/features that can be easily understood and utilized by ordinary people. Police are also determined to curb the cases of transfers of ownership as many as possible in the city by introducing the app.

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