Naxalism will return in united Andhra: Revanth Reddy

25 Jan, 2014 12:35 IST|Sakshi
Naxalism will return in united Andhra: Revanth Reddy

Hyderabad, "CM Kiran Kumar Reddy is misleading the Assembly by calling late PM, Indira Gandhi, a 'Samaikyandhra' supporter,"  said TDP MLA Revanth Reddy on Saturday.

According to reports, Revanth, while speaking on the T Bill, said that Naxalism will increase if state is not bifurcated. "Gold-medalists students will turn into naxalites in united Andhra," he added. 

"People are with KCR, because they support the Telangana agitation," he said. 

Criticising the grand old party, Revanth said that it is country's bad fate that Congress is still in power. "Ministries were only given to MLAs of Seemandhra region. Injustice has been done to Telangana legislators," Revanth said.

He also pointed out that, "four important positions in the state were given to Seemandhra region. 

Calling NTR the modern day Ambedkar, he said that the actor had launched TDP for Telugu people. "He banned Patel, Patwari systems. NTR does not belong to any region,"he said.

"TDP took a decision in favour of Telangana in 2008 itself, but we can't deny injustice done to Seemandhra. And, every political party is targeting TDP to get political mileage," he added. 

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