Navy’s All-Women Crew Set Sail For Cape Town  

9 Nov, 2016 20:45 IST|Sakshi
All women crew of the Indian Navy

Panaji: The Indian Navy's all-women crew on Wednesday sailed for Cape Town in South Africa from Goa's INS Mandovi base to participate in the "Cape to Rio Race", reckoned as the Southern Hemisphere's longest continent-to-continent race.

The all-women crew, led by Lt. Cdr. Vartika Joshi, which sailed off onboard the Indian Naval Sailing Vessel Mhadei was flagged off by Rear Admiral Monty Khanna and is expected to return in May 2017, after participating in the 6,500-km South Atlantic Ocean race.

The all-women crew, who have sailed from Goa, will be joined by other male sailors, who will also participate in the actual race from Cape Town in South Africa to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.


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